India churns out tens of thousands of graduates each year but less than half of them are "employable" or possess the basic skills necessary for any industry role.For India to maintain its competitive advantage, the educational institutions need to produce industry-ready candidates.This requires substantial intervention on part of higher education institutions to impart IT skills to students.

According to the survey, carried out by a number of agencies, more than 70 percent of our engineering graduates are not employable. The current study has found that employability with regard to IT product companies is as low as 4.22% (amongst computer/electronics related branches), whereas employability with regard to IT services companies is 17.84% (wherein the company gives 3-6 months of in-house training) which is lower than the advertised figure of 25%. .

To be at the forefront of innovation and achieve higher growth, it is necessary that higher-order work with regard to product development and research grows in India apart from the services industry. To facilitate the same, the product engineering employability needs to be improved from the current figure of 4.22%.
The Foremost solution is the process of giving guidance and inspirations to students regarding the ways to increase employability skill from time to time in order to be excellent workers with the cooperation of motivators and counselors

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Employment, Employment, Employment

Our Mission 20 20
To be the most admired Employment Solutions and Skill Development Partner in this Great Nation, India.
Our Plans
To pilot the Employability Enhancement project in Kerala by leveraging the partnership with Government of Kerala enterprise. To improve the present hit ratio of 5% to 15% for our recruitment drives by skill development interventions. Once the Target is achieved for Kerala by 2016-17, replicating the same model in the neighboring states and later to scale up the same Project across the country by 2020. >
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