We’ve all heard it said that a company’s most important asset is its people. When we say we love a company, what we’re really saying is we love the work being done by the people in that company.

Almost 20 years back, when BigLeap was launched, majority of the companies operated on a faulty premise in hiring their bulk requirements of entry, support & essential job roles in Kerala. Also, their approach was “Employer-Centric”, people equated time and effort spent on hiring with making quality hire. It gave them false sense of control.

Its to thread the broken Mass Entry hiring requirements of our clients in 2003 we pioneered the concept of Job Fairs and launched a series of Mass Recruitment Events& Job Fairs ( partnering with Govt. Of Kerala Enterprise, SIGN, Ministry Of Labour and Employment, Youth Welfare Board, Universities etc) for even worlds most respected companies of the likes of IBM, HP, Accenture, Google, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, HCL, Computer Associates, Siemens etc which was also “Employee-Centric model”, where the candidates had the opportunity to meet multiple world class employers under one roof in a single two-day event, win multiple offers from these companies and select the company of choice to JOIN. Every year we organise, more than 35 Mass Recruitment Events (Holy Grace Feb, 2020 event)

There’s a new way to hire that’s faster, efficient and effective. Instead of waiting for the right person to show up, the new innovative model we presented to our clients , the new way to hire is to wait for the right job to show up. The new way of hiring starts the talent search before the job opens. Rather than recruiting from behind, we wanted our clients to plan ahead, lining up talented entry level candidates before they needed.

Being faster than competitors, without sacrificing quality and accuracy, has given a growing number of our clients a distinct competitive edge. Getting something fast used to mean sacrificing quality but for most of our clients speed is a requirement for doing business, not just a competitive advantage.

BigLeap Model :

“To get a great match is a strong connection between an applicant and a business, helping them form a partnership for the benefit of both parties ”. This is the motto BigLeap followed for the past 18 plus years in Mass recruitment.

Can just looking at a resume tell you all you need to know about a candidate? The short answer is no. Resumes and formal interviews have always been traditional method of hiring. This old practice of simply matching the anonymity of paper instead of leveraging technology and matching the humanity of people has been contributing factor to the current crisis of attracting and retaining quality candidates. Resumes show only a select information. Thus we leverage technology and ask deeper questions ( 2 minute or less video answers on tik tok) and forward to our clients to carefully listen to the answers of their shortlisted candidates after online assessments. This is the heart of BigLeap Method, a holistic approach to hiring where technology meets relationships.

For Applicants :

We all come to crossroads in our lives, but as on today with the whole world hit with COVID19, the ray of hope at the end of the tunnel is little farther than usual. This is the best time to introspect and align yourself to your real purpose in life and find a job most suiting to it in the current market situation. Dig deeper into you and you can find the answers. Or if some of you have to work a job right now just to handle the financial situations , we can help even here. But there are still ways to move your life toward your true purpose. Aligning youself with the passions and talents that are yours, and yours alone, is what you as a person are here to do. Thus just get involved in a hobby or any activity that brings you joy. A self inventory can help. Please register with BigLeap and answer few deeper questions that can help us understand the world within you and help you access your gifts.

We all have a particular destination toward which we want to go. In the COVID19 hit world, this the ideal time ever in life we can get to step away from the wheel , get off the path and take a break and recharge, all the traditional methods of finding the right jobs are not available to you and for job offers to come your way, you will have to lean on teams like BigLeap for out of the box solutions.

You have to be in touch with your own special gifts and talents to recognize the perfect job that could be your home. Know what makes your heart sing, and you will be well on your way to finding the answer to your quest. Do what makes you happy. Dont follow the path others think is your special destiny. A thorough self –inventory is necessary to arrive at this special place and also the right company to understand you better.

As a first step, register, use your smart phone and make short 2 minutes tiktok career video’s by answering the questions our clients are seeking from applicants

For Employers:

Every day we get calls from employers complaining that their brands don’t get the necessary candidate gravity and thus can’t find quality passionate fresher applicants in bulk to fill their Essential & Support fresher job roles.

We are in changing times- times that force us to use different methods to solve our clients hiring problems. After the global pandemic hit crisis of COVID19 , alternate methods of hiring needs to be implemented. The only way to solve is to make more-intelligent, durable hires matching the right people, with right positions at the right time.

Understanding your company’s culture is crucial to determining what types of person will fit with your corporate goals and values. Clearly share with us the entry level support and essential position Job Invitations with clear list of objectives you need the applicant to achieve. Emotional intelligence paired with a passion for the job tends to be a predicator for the right fit and long term employment.

If the applicant has the passion, desire and till date track record of success and fit in your company’s culture, they can be trained to be a rockstar performer.

As employers we need to be proactive in our efforts to understand the needs of our future employees and keep them with us. With so many companies and jobs available in our current marketplace, its crucial to our organizational success to take steps to ensure long term retention of this entry level team members. Employees of today’s workforce crave a deeper meaning at work beyond the month end salary.

BigLeap as a Partner :

Whether one is a fresh Job seeker, a recruiter or an employer this work we do to place fresher’s into jobs that fullfills them is not a simple economic task, when we create better matches, we create a strong economy and a more stable work force and showered with a lot of blessings.

Being a successful recruiter we seek alternate methods of hiring a new breed of employees for our prestigious clients. In the current situation of COVID19 having hit every industry globally, we offer our clients passionate.

“ Effective recruiters know better than to judge a book by its cover or a candidate by their resume”. Using technology to assess, and evaluating answers to the deeper questions, we help our clients find proof that our shortlisted candidates skills actually match the Job Invitation. Also, if required, we can further collect few more short videos from the shortlisted candidates to understand on the operational & behavioural aspects for further shortlisting.

BigLeap’s prime responsibility is ensure that each jobseeker joining any of our client payroll is making maximum contribution to the company and to leverage best performance we help our candidates get maximum clarity, offer clear, confident, positive expectations from each of our clients. Also, hiring quality entry level talent is key to the future of any organisation.

Fast hiring process is required in this era of war for talent in a highly competitive market. Its absolutely a Employee Centric market, where candidates can pick and choose where they want to go. In this context, the longer it takes to get a candidate through your interview and selection process, the higher the likely hood that you are going to lose that candidate to a competitor.

For almost 20 plus years, having pioneered the concept of Job Fairs, and having organised more than a thousand Mass Recruitment events & Job Fairs, we were offering our clients time tested fast hiring solutions for their support & essential job roles.

14 days Or lesser Hiring Solutions – For any of our clients mass recruitment needs, the perfect life cycle for filling should take only 14 business days or lesser from the time you submit your candidate requirement to us. Through this model, we ensure a higher percentage of qualified candidates joins you and thus you get a competitive edge compared with your competitors.

Also , Closing candidates to join a company is an art form and usually the last step in the recruitment process. According to our experts, your closing rates should be above 80% of all candidates who receive an offer. In many cases, what the candidate wants and what is offered do not match. This is where our team’s closing skills come handy for our clients.

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