COVID19 Pandemic or NOT, the real challenge today among the fresher job seekers in India is between Un-employment Vs Un-employability ( is the FREE Solution for you during these hard times).

Everyone who completes 14 days practice on our platform, and taking an online assessment, will win an opportunity to attend a minimum of 10 companies matching your scores suitable from the below categories you choose starting 5-Nov to 5-Dec 2020.

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Make a Caution Deposit of INR.360/- to get a login on Single-Tier-Fresher-Employment-Solution platform prepare for 14 days, take an Assessment and attend the Virtual-Job-Fair. Read More.

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We match passionate and aspiring candidates with inspiring companies. Get hired for your abilities and potential, not just your resume. We've always believed that candidates are more than their resume. We work with our candidates to better understand and advocate for their passions, skills, and potential. It’s all about matching empowered talent with inspiring & enlightened companies.

This platform would help serious candidates get past the resume screen and land jobs based on who they are, not just how they look on paper. BigLeap’s vision is to change the fundamental dynamics of the fresher hiring to be based on true merit and potential. That’s a big goal, and we're passionate about achieving it. But what energizes us is the knowledge that every day we get to connect with hundreds of desperate fresher job seekers from our target group to fulfilling careers that allow them to thrive during the hard times of this pandemic.

Single Tier Architecture Employment Solution Practice & Crack the six critical skills which all hiring companies check
Showing The Mirror Assessment test for you to present your employability skills in front of hiring HR Managers. Your highest score in these tests will be made available to the clients. You are free to do any number of tests.
Virtual Job Fair Free participation in Virtual Job Fair and all company independent drives based on eligibility criteria.
Visual Resume & Key Video Upload Visual Resume and Key video -short answers to better understand your passion, potential, etc.
Policy & Process for Refund of Caution Deposit?

Win your Right-First-Job through our "BigLeap Virtual Job Fair- 15 Oct to 15-Nov 2020" commencing on 15- October 2020, in the Next 60 days or by any means, give us a Testimonial of your experience winning the Right-First-Job. Get your money refunded on the confirmation.


Just log in for a minimum of 100 days and spend an hour and a half practising on our platform regularly. Regular practice has improved our hit ratio by more than 40% (registration is valid for 200 days). Upload your visual Resume and Key short-answer videos etc. This also ensures you a refund. This makes our employment solution TOTALLY FREE for genuine job seekers.

What are the job categories available?
Software Development
  • .Net
  • iOS
  • Java & Android
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • QA & Testing
  • Others
Computer & IT
  • Computer Security
  • Networking
  • Accounting & Finance
  • SQL
  • Database Admin
  • System Administration
  • Technical Support
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Others
  • Blogging
  • Copy Writing
  • Online Content
  • Others
Internet & E-Commerce
  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Online Marketing
  • Others
Customer Service
  • Account Management ( Client Servicing)
  • Others
Consulting Trainee
  • Business Consulting Trainee
  • Education Consultant (Counselor)
  • Others
Business Development
  • In Bound
  • Out Bound
  • Others
Education & Training
  • Programming Tutor
  • Teaching (College)
  • IT Consulting Trainee
  • Others
HR & Recruiting
Accounting & Finance
Editing Proof Reading

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